One of the many things we have learned about moving out to the middle of nowhere, is technology in the middle of nowhere is not quite as "advanced" as it is in the city.

Also, getting things repaired, replaced, etc. is much slower.  Life is slower, which we LOVE, but when you are a professional blogger that needs to get things done, that can cause some frustrations.  So much so that we actually shut down our original blogs after moving out here a few years ago.

Thankfully, we found this blogging platform that makes it really easy to post from our phones, which is wonderful and we love it.  

Unfortunately, we do still need our computers for putting our video's and presentations together.  Curently we are having some technical issues where that is concerned and working on a solution.

We are still filming so as soon as we get this issue worked out (parts have been ordered and just waiting on their arrival), we will get the videos back up again.

Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.  =)

Photo: Satellite out due to bad weather so not able to schedule the post I had planned.  Hopefully it will be back by the time I am able to get back on the computer.

Until then, Happy Empower Wesnesday!!

Happy Empower Wednesday!

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