Song of the Cicada


One of my favorite sounds of the summer is the song of the Cicada. 

Here is an excellent video that gives you a great sample.  Chances are you have heard this sound if you spend any time outdoors in the summer. 

I absolutely LOVE living in the woods on our little farm, Pamela Farms. Almost every day offers a magical and quite spiritual experience of connecting so closely with nature. Today was an exceptionally brilliant day where nature gifted me the experience to watch an elusive Green Cicada emerge from one form to the next. 


There are many different species of Cicada, this one is O. viridis.

O. viridis is rather unusual in a large genus of 60 otherwise cold-adapted, mostly western U.S. species, that it is instead found in the warmer southern forests of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas. It is almost solid bright green, and it sings from high in trees during the summer day and sometimes at dusk. 

O. viridis is uncommon in collections, and seems to be restricted to remaining small forest patches near lowland river deltas, such as the forest here at Pamela Farms. 

The one that I have pictured above, is an "annual", that lays eggs every year. After they hatch, they go in the ground as a grub type thing to later emerge as the brown one you see in the picture, and then come out of that shell as the green one...spread their wings and fly away to the nearest tree to sing its song to start the yearly cycle again. 

There are also Cicada's that only come out of the ground every 13 years, and others that come out every 17 years. They really are quite interesting.

This year actually in June, Brood XXII hatched from a 13 year cycle, but we did not see any. We certainly have been enjoying their songs though.

What are some of your favorite sounds of summer?





Quick update to let anyone that follows our blogs know we are still having technical issues with our satellite service. Hopefully it will all be worked out soon.

We have so many new ideas and plans for not only the blogs, but for the farm as well, that we are looking forward to sharing.

It is a pretty big ordeal to have to change companies, especially where the equipment is concerned (the satellite dish is cemented into the ground). I really do not want to do that, especially since the reviews for the competition are not really much better at all.

I know a solution is out there though, and I am not giving up until I find it.

If anyone that also lives in a very rural and wooded area has any suggestions, please let us know, we would love to hear them.

Many blessings,


Earth Day is a HUGE day for us.  Mike and I are both avid nature and outdoor adventure lovers. Being outdoors in nature absolutely makes our hearts sing. Aside from that is our love for it domestic pets, livestock or wild, we love them all and are thankful for the roles they play in nature and in our own lives. Of course we also enjoy the plants, gardens and growing our own food as well.  

In celebration of our love for nature and (at the time) starting our new farm and homesteading adventure, we started the blog Earth Day 2011.  It really is hard to believe it has been 3 years already!  We have learned so much and it really has been an amazing adventure.

There have been a few transformations of the blog since then, as well as moving from different platforms trying to find one that works best for our needs. Thanfully, we found the EN blogging platform and love it.  This will certainly be our blogging platform of choice for the long haul.

This year, I am extra excited for Earth Day, since it is finally WARM after an unusually cold and long winter.  Us Southerners don't do well with cold winters, lol....well this one does not anyway.  I was finally able to get out and pick some fresh mint for my tea and WOW does it smelll amazing!

Wishing you all a happy, safe and beautiful Earth Day!

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Photo: So excited to finally have fresh mint again for my tea!  What are some of your favorite uses for mint?

What exactly does 'No Poo' mean?

Well it simply means learning to live without using shampoo, conditioner, styling products, etc. in you hair.

Most people use baking soda, apple cider vinegar and coconut oil as alternatives but I have seen some others as well, such as egg yolks, mayo and beer. Since most people have different hair types it is best to do some research on the different alternatives and experiement to see which you like best.

I have naturally curly and super dry hair, which is why I am choosing coconut oil for conditioning, probably about once a month and then baking soda (1 tbs per 1cup water mixture) as needed to remove the oil and apple cider vinegar weekly (1part ACV to 4 parts water mixture).

I started this one week ago and Mike is considering trying it out as well, but waiting to see how I like it first, lol.

This picture below is my "before no poo", first thing in the morning in a crazy tangled mess:

This next one is one week later after a coconut oil conditioning:

Photo: Week one of no shampoo and so far it is going well.  I was noticing it was still a bit too dry so I decided to not use the baking soda this time and just went with apple cider vinegar and then added some organic coconut oil.  That of course will need to be washed out, so I will use the baking soda when I do that.

The biggest difference I have noticed in the first week is I can actually brush my hair between washes.  The only time I have been able to do that before is after using a flat iron (which is rarely because it takes too long).

So at this point, I will continue with this experiment and see how it goes and if I continue to enjoy the results.

Stay tuned to see if this will be a forever change or a temporary whim!  LOL

This pic is with coconut in by the way.  It was not so oily that I would not leave the house like that, but also too much to not wash it out next day.  It sorta just looked like I had hair gel in or something like that.

Not too bad.  I like it so far, but we shall see how it goes.


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One of the many things we have learned about moving out to the middle of nowhere, is technology in the middle of nowhere is not quite as "advanced" as it is in the city.

Also, getting things repaired, replaced, etc. is much slower.  Life is slower, which we LOVE, but when you are a professional blogger that needs to get things done, that can cause some frustrations.  So much so that we actually shut down our original blogs after moving out here a few years ago.

Thankfully, we found this blogging platform that makes it really easy to post from our phones, which is wonderful and we love it.  

Unfortunately, we do still need our computers for putting our video's and presentations together.  Curently we are having some technical issues where that is concerned and working on a solution.

We are still filming so as soon as we get this issue worked out (parts have been ordered and just waiting on their arrival), we will get the videos back up again.

Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.  =)

Photo: Satellite out due to bad weather so not able to schedule the post I had planned.  Hopefully it will be back by the time I am able to get back on the computer.

Until then, Happy Empower Wesnesday!!

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